Old Timer and Sport Engines

K-Mills Replicas

The .75 and 1.3 classic side port diesels are current reproductions manufactured in India from the original dies from the Mills brothers.  Popular in the late 1940's and early 1950's, the .75 and 1.3  have identical performance as the originals with the 100 and 150  versions utilizing the long bore and stroke for enhanced performance.

  .37cc, Currently out of stock

  .75cc/ .045 cu-in; Standard $50.00, R/C $60.00

  100 Super, 1cc/ .060 cu-in; Standard $55.00. R/C $65.00

  1.3cc/ .08 cu-in; Standard $60.00, R/C $70.00

  150 Super, 1.5cc/ .09 cu-in; Standard $65.00, R/C $75.00


MP Jet Replicas

  Letmo MD-0.6 II, .6cc/ .036 cu-in; $60.00

The MP Jet company in the Czech Republic has produced a second series production run of this fine engine originally designed by Josef Pfeffer in 1949  and 1950.  This superb replica is produced with the consent of Mr. Pfeffer and is as originally produced except for a forged con-rod to enhance durability.

  MP Jet .040 Classic Diesel, .65cc/ .040 cu-in; Currently out of stock

This new release is very similar to the Letmo replica engine but it is set up with conventional beam mounts.  Now included is the large fuel tank and metal motor mount.

Russian Replicas

Mills .75cc/ .045 cu.-in.:  $60.00

A Russian version of the .75 Mills is now available.  The piston fits are very good and the examples we have seen lately are very nice.  It took a little TLC to get it running the first time but after that it started easy and ran strong.

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